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Owen’s Leadership Network Comes of Age

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With Owen sitting in the heart of Vanderbilt’s main campus, nestled among buildings that were constructed in the 1870s, it’s easy to forget that on an academic timeline, we are a young school. Owen, founded nearly 100 years after Vanderbilt itself, for much of its history has been the sapling surrounded by mighty oaks. But, oh how we’ve grown. One of the most remarkable things I’ve noticed since returning to Owen is that a wave of graduates, particularly from the […]

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A Question Nobody Is Asking: What Role Did Cost Pressure Play in GM Safety Recalls?

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Vanderbilt Management Professor Ranga Ramanujam, an expert in organizational safety, has been following the Congressional inquiries into safety recalls at General Motors, including today’s testimony by CEO, Mary Barra. Here are his some of his thoughts: • The Investigative Report conducted by Anton Valukas, a former federal prosecutor hired by GM, and the House hearings continue to overlook the fundamental challenge to safety management at GM: Pervasive and unrelenting cost pressures. • Rep. Tim Murphy started today’s proceedings by noting […]

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Meet Deloitte Consulting

Deloitte Consulting is hosting a networking event this summer for incoming MBA students.  It is called Meet Deloitte Consulting and will be held on July 17 in NYC.  Essentially it is an introduction to Deloitte and networking event to give students early exposure to the firm (https://mycareer.deloitte.com/us/consultingconnectionsnyc). More details to come.    

Nine Tips To Successfully Transition From Your Current Job to B-School

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Congratulations on your decision to go to business school. If you’re like most entering B-School students, you’re probably hoping to either switch careers two years from now or get a significant boost up the career ladder in your chosen field when you return. In almost all cases, future employers and recruiters will be looking at how you used your business school experience to build upon the skills and networks you developed in your most recent job. That means it’s to […]

Owen’s Impact Lasts a Lifetime

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May has been a month of exciting celebrations. Commencement is always one of my favorite events as we launch a new class into the business world to go do great things. We were lucky to have Eric Noll (MBA ’90) as this year’s speaker, made all the more meaningful by getting to see his daughter Allie graduate. (More on that later.) Also this month, just as the school year ended, alumni and scholars from all over the world, including two […]

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