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B-School Rankings Offer Useful Data, But Not the Whole Story

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We live in a data-rich era. Facebook can say more about someone’s personality based on their likes than many trained psychologists can. Target’s data-mining software famously predicted a teenager’s pregnancy by detecting a shift in her buying habits. And the company Palantir, one of Silicon Valley’s most talked about startups, has used data linkages to help catch Bernie Madoff and uncover Osama Bin Laden’s whereabouts. But as someone who has built an academic career studying the science of how data […]

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Owen Partners with Forté Foundation to Help Women Launch Business Careers

[youtube_sc url=”TZ4GgLwMGUs” title=”A%20Conversation%20With%20Elissa%20Sangster” modestbranding=”1″ border=”1″ nocookie=”1″] Owen recently became a partner school with the Forté Foundation, which is a nonprofit partnership of companies and top business schools working together to launch women into fulfilling, significant careers, and to help address the lower numbers of women who traditionally attend schools of business (versus schools of medicine or law). Forté executive director Elissa Sangster, who delivered this year’s Women in Business Symposium’s Keynote address, sat down with Dean Eric Johnson to talk […]

Dressing the MBA

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In an ambiguous world of mainstream business casual, people have become less careful about what’s work appropriate versus what’s fun or comfortable to wear. However confusing that makes the everyday dress routine, it is even more problematic when one prepares for the interview. Whether you are pursuing your MBA or landing the big job afterward, we have a few things to say here that will help you maintain business and timeless in your first professional impression.

Helpful Housing Information

You can view a helpful map of Nashville here, which describes all of the neighborhoods and indicates their location on a map of Nashville. Many students find it convenient to live in the Gulch, Hillsboro Village, Midtown, East Nashville, 12th South and West End. All areas have varying housing options (apartments, condos, houses), rent ranges, and their own exciting characteristics. Besides looking at professionally managed apartment buildings many people find luck (and some of the best deals) on Craigslist. Properties move […]

Job Resources

Finding a job is always difficulty when you are moving to a new city. To make this transition easier, Owen has put together a list of resources to aid in your job search. Please note that the “Career Coach” list has kindly been comprised by Owen staff members and each coach has their own style, specialties, services and fee structure. Owen does not recommend any particular coach and is not paying any fees. Middle Tennessee Resources for Job Seekers 6-2014 Nashville Area Career […]

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