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Two Hours. 14 Top Business Schools. $80,000 in MBA Scholarships. And YOU.

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If you’ve been toying with applying to an MBA program (or seven), or even if you have already been accepted, there is a new reason to attend one of the nearly 20 free Inside the MBA events going on nationwide this year. If you choose to apply to one of the 14 member schools after attending an Inside the MBA event, not only will eight of the member schools waive the application fee for qualified applicants (a $875 value), but […]

The SEC Scores Big With B-School Collaborations

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This afternoon at 5 p.m. Central Time, the SEC Television Network will light up cable wires throughout the country with live sports, news, and commentary. The much-anticipated launch will reach an unprecedented 91 million households! The network, in partnership with ESPN, will give sports fans 24/7 access to their favorite games and generate nearly $1 billion for the partnership. It will also give the member schools an opportunity to show not just their sports prowess, but also programing that highlights […]

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Geoff Walker On How to Develop the Brand You

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Orientation started Monday at Vanderbilt’s Owen Graduate School of Management for new MBA, MAcc, and MSF students with timeless and specific wisdom from Geoff Walker, (MBA ‘94), Executive VP of Fisher-Price Global Brands, a subsidiary of Mattel where he has enjoyed—really enjoyed—19 years in a variety of roles. Geoff talked about how critical it is to enjoy your work and find a place where you can be genuinely you. “I always pretty much knew who I was. And I learned […]

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The Sweet Spot

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Sheru Chowdhry, MBA’00, laughs about his earliest experience living in New York City. His first apartment was in Times Square, and there was little respite from the noise and lights. “It’s a wonder that I didn’t end up half-deaf and half-blind from all of that,” he says. “It was sensory overload.” Chowdhry eventually settled on the other side of the Hudson River, where today he and his wife are raising their two children. The move has afforded him a better […]

MS Finance versus MBA

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For Maloney, the MS Finance program was not merely a stepping stone to an MBA. “In my field, sales and trading, it may not help to have an MBA,” he says. “Even if I do eventually become a manager, I don’t think I’ll pursue an MBA.” He’s not alone. Students in the MS Finance program are “seeing it as a terminal degree and they’re not coming back for an MBA,” Barraclough says. “In the six years of the program, there […]

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