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First Alumni Day, Last Weekend

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It is starting to really feel like the end at Accelerator. This was the last weekend of Accelerator and students are working on the last project. But the days are still packed. Yesterday was the first ever Alumni Day for Accelerator students. Students from the 2008 program along with other more recent graduates showed up to share their wisdom. The panel answered questions like, “What was your most important takeaway from Accelerator?” and “How have you leveraged your experience at Accelerator […]

Weekday Update

Yesterday was another big day for Accelerator students because it was the Internship Interview Day. Accelerator students sat down with all kind of companies, both well established businesses to innovative startups, came to interview Accelerator students for internship positions. Companies like FLO {thinkery}, Dollar General, MEDarchon Inc, RANDA Solutions, and Griffin Technology (plus many others) came to the Owen School to meet Accelerator students. The day was a great success and students are already getting offers from companies. But it […]

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Project Nissan

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Today, students went to the Nissan North American Headquarters in Cool Springs. Students heard from the marketing and branding team about the Nissan brand and their project. Accelerator teams are working on a social media marketing project for Nissan. This project allows for a lot of creativity so the final projects will undoubtedly be interesting. This project fits especially well with  the social media classes students had this morning. Afterwards, students came back to Owen and heard from Doug Cahill […]

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Team Spirit

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Another weekend has flown by at Accelerator. This one was especially fun with lots of team time and the first ever Accelerator Field Day. Students played dodgeball with their new teams with team R as the dodgeball tournament winner. Students even got to compete with the coaches (who lost in their first game unfortunately). After dodgeball, students proved their strength in tug of war and cooled off with a crazy water balloon fight. Accelerator ended early so students got to […]

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Breakout Sessions

Both Wednesday and today, students got to choose from a number of small breakout sessions to attend during the day. These sessions were smaller in size and cover a wide range of topics. Students could choose from sessions that covered: fine-tuning your resume, creating your LinkedIn profile, how to dress in the workplace for both men and women, women’s experiences in the workplace, identifying your greatest strengths, case interview preparation, and preparing for behavioral interviews. In the behavioral interview prep […]

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Team Shuffle, Classes and Musical Kickoff

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Today has been a busy Thursday for Accelerator students and a time of change. Last night, students found out their new teams. This project for Warner Music will be the first project students do as a part of their new teams. It’s time to meet new people and make new friends. This switch also allows students to explore new team roles and team dynamics. After the kickoff today, new teams were already discussing things that worked and best practices of […]

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Improving Processes

Students started off their day with a class and simulation from Professor Nancy Hyer. Professor Hyer taught about processes and ways to improve broken processes. Many processes do not work efficiently and it can be frustrating and demoralizing as an employee to operate in a flawed process, especially when they don’t have the power to improve it. So Professor Hyer’s simulation first has students work in a very dysfunctional process. In this process employees were used inefficiently/ineffectively, the process took too long and […]

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Monday at Accelerator

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Today has been a busy day at Accelerator! This morning teams presented their projects for the Vanderbilt football marketing judging panel. Team Heyday (the last place team for Project Charter) took first place. And Team Gamechangers (previously SynerG) got second place. They were the 9th place team in the previous project. Both these teams really brought their A-games for this project. Projects focused on making the Vanderbilt football game experience more family friendly and more interactive. The next project is […]

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Weekend at Accelerator

This is the first real weekend of Accelerator. Our day ended early on Saturday after dinner and trivia night. All the students seemed to really enjoy trivia night. They answered Accelerator-specific questions like, “How many seats are in the Vanderbilt football stadium?” And they answered more general questions like, “Who did Jay Cutler marry?” and “Which fast food chain has the most restaurants worldwide?” The winning team got 4 bottles of sparkling grape juice and the satisfaction of victory. (Answers: […]

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Project Charter: The Final Presentations!

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Project Charter has come to an end and the winner has been revealed! Team Ingenuity came in first place closely followed by Team Forward. Team Ingenuity’s plan focused on integrating computer coding classes into Valor’s curriculum for 11th and 12th grade students.Their program also stressed community involvement through a senior project in which teams of students identify problems in their local communities and create solutions to these issues. One of the key aspects of Team Forward’s plan was using technology to connect […]

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