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Two Hours. 14 Top Business Schools. $80,000 in MBA Scholarships. And YOU.

If you’ve been toying with applying to an MBA program (or seven), or even if you have already been accepted, there is a new reason to attend one of the nearly 20 free Inside the MBA events going on nationwide this year. If you choose to apply to one of the 14 member schools after attending an Inside the MBA event, not only will eight of the member schools waive the application fee for qualified applicants (a $875 value), but […]

Geoff Walker On How to Develop the Brand You

Orientation started Monday at Vanderbilt’s Owen Graduate School of Management for new MBA, MAcc, and MSF students with timeless and specific wisdom from Geoff Walker, (MBA ‘94), Executive VP of Fisher-Price Global Brands, a subsidiary of Mattel where he has enjoyed—really enjoyed—19 years in a variety of roles. Geoff talked about how critical it is to enjoy your work and find a place where you can be genuinely you. “I always pretty much knew who I was. And I learned […]

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Nine Tips To Successfully Transition From Your Current Job to B-School

Congratulations on your decision to go to business school. If you’re like most entering B-School students, you’re probably hoping to either switch careers two years from now or get a significant boost up the career ladder in your chosen field when you return. In almost all cases, future employers and recruiters will be looking at how you used your business school experience to build upon the skills and networks you developed in your most recent job. That means it’s to […]

Don’t Wait to Apply To B-School

So you’re trying to decide whether to finish your B-School application. You could wait one more deadline round. You could wait until next year. Or maybe you could wait until your career slows down. These are all important considerations, but the truth is that there will never be some ideal, perfectly convenient time to pursue an MBA, especially if your career is in full swing because the demands on your time will only continue to increase. Why not do it […]

In Search of Excellence…Across the Globe

Every top business school recognizes the importance of having a strong global curriculum, academic outlook and, of course, student body. At Vanderbilt’s Owen Graduate School of Management, we take that obligation very seriously. For us, it’s important to maintain the personalized environment that we’re known for, while scouring the world for candidates that will fit seamlessly into our collaborative community. In this Q&A, Kim Killingsworth, Owen’s Director of International Recruiting and Relations, talks about her approach to the job. You […]

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