‘Share of Wallet’ Research Team Wins Global Frontiers in Service Award

Owen Professor Bruce Cooil is part of a team comprised of academic researchers and executives from Ipsos Loyalty that won the 2013 Frontiers in Service Best Practitioner Presentation Award in Taipei, Taiwan.

The team’s paper and presentation, “Perceptions Are Relative: An Examination of the Relationship Between Relative Satisfaction Metrics and Share of Wallet” expands upon their work on the Wallet Allocation Rule. The team wrote about the topic in the October 2011 issue of Harvard Business Review.

Cooil and his collaborators also won the 2011 Next Gen Market Research ‘Disruptive Innovation’ Award for their work helping marketers understanding the “Share of Wallet” concept — and how to grow it for their companies.

From the Ipsos press release announcing the recent win:

Timothy Keiningham [Owen MBA, ’89], Global Chief Strategy Officer & Executive Vice President for Ipsos Loyalty, and Alexander Buoye, Head of Loyalty Analytics and Senior Vice President at Ipsos Loyalty, were part of the winning research team at the Frontiers in Service Conference. On the academic side of the team were Bruce Cooil from Vanderbilt University, Lerzan Aksoy from Fordham University, Bart Lariviere and Arne De Keyser from Ghent University, and Edward Malthouse from Northwestern University.

“Our team is absolutely delighted that our work was recognized with such a prestigious award. Given the global nature of the Frontiers in Service Conference and the exceptional array of business and academic researchers present, this is truly an honor,” says Keiningham. “Our team’s presentation took an in-depth look at the relationship between satisfaction measures and a brand’s performance in market, ultimately showing how a brand’s rank in the consumer’s mind matters most in determining that brand’s share of the consumer’s wallet.”

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