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See You At Closing Bell!

School traditions are a wonderfully funny thing. They come in all shapes and sizes, from rock painting and statue stealing to more somber rituals that are steeped in a long history. We graduate schools also have our own traditions. Vanderbilt Law School students gather each Friday afternoon for a social hour known as “Blackacre.” Owen […]

“All I Could Have Done, I Did Not Do”

The Owen School of Management was founded in 1969, at the end of a transformative decade in our country. The unstoppable reverberation of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.’s message of inclusion and non-discrimination was working through all levels of American society and within universities like Vanderbilt. Today, Dr. King’s legacy can still be felt throughout […]

Advice from Google CFO Patrick Pichette

We recently hosted Google CFO Patrick Pichette. In his talk, he argued that we often shoot too low – looking for 10-15% improvement when we should be shooting for 10X. At Google, he focuses on game changing breakthroughs that could achieve a billion users. That thinking changes the discussion from merely worrying about the competition […]