Not your typical consultancy

Business challenges today are people challenges, and vice versa. Employee productivity and enterprise profitability remain front and center for human resources (HR) leaders, but it’s not just about HR operating excellence and service delivery – those are given. It’s also about the new rules for leading, organizing, motivating, managing, and engaging the 21st-century workforce.

Many of the core challenges are familiar – operations, organization, culture, change, leadership, compensation, rewards, pensions – but managing them across today’s global talent market as AI and robotics play a larger and larger role in the workplace is a great example of how our work is fundamentally changing. Getting it right requires the combination of global HR and deep business knowledge.

With industry insights and proven experience, our professionals specialize in integrating business, HR, and talent strategies to create business value through people. Visit the Deloitte Consulting Human Capital website to learn more.

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Keep reinventing

HP Inc. creates technology that makes life better for everyone, everywhere. Through our portfolio of printers, PCs, mobile devices, solutions, and services, we engineer experiences that amaze.

Our innovative culture is built by leaders and teams who imagine the future and make it happen, with support and partnership from a strategic and forward-looking Human Resources function. At HP, successful HR leaders are well-rounded and have functional depth of experience, broad business exposure, and global awareness.

HP’s HR Management Associate Program (HR MAP) is designed to mentor and develop talented individuals with strategic partnership capabilities and strong leadership potential through a 26-month rotational program. Rotations include opportunities to work in a business HR capacity and in our world-class centers of excellence (total rewards, talent acquisition, and workforce planning, to name a few). In addition to these assignments, HR MAP offers global exposure through international HR rotations as well as business-unit projects that provide associates with access to the many different countries, regions, and businesses where HP innovates.

For more information about the HR MAP program, please visit our site. We are currently recruiting for the next cohort of MAPs to join our team!

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