About Us

HOPA Mission:

Our mission at HOPA is to foster and support the professional development of prospective, current and alumni members of the HOP concentration.

What this means is that we strive to provide our members with the tools and knowledge necessary to succeed once we leave the structured environment of Owen.  Our strategic roadmap aligns our programming and tasks with our member’s professional needs.

We will accomplish this by pursuing four avenues of HOP-related development: Owen admissions, career-oriented programs, curriculum building and alumni relations.  We know that effective partnership with all of HOP’s key stakeholders will drive the best value to our career.

2016-17 Strategic Goals

Awareness – Increase awareness and education of the HOP curriculum and career paths among Owen students.

Membership – Actively promote HOPA’s programming, resources, and other benefits to ensure continuing robust HOPA membership.

Network – Enhance and leverage the greater HOPA network through fostering connections with alumni, the Peabody school, and the Nashville HR community.