What is HOP?

Human & Organizational Performance is a nationally ranked TOP 5 program emphasizing:

  • Managerial Effectiveness
  • Human Resources & Human Capital Consulting Tools
  • Reflective Practices

What is the difference between an HOP Concentration and Specialization?

The Human and Organizational Performance (HOP) Specialization is a more structured, intense and focused version of the HOP Concentration. The purpose of the career track is to provide a foundation of knowledge and practice for MBA students targeting careers in Human Capital Consulting or Corporate Human Resource Management.

For students working in HOP, they need, first, to be broadly educated in business disciplines such as strategy, finance, economics, marketing, operations and accounting. This foundation will differentiate our students from Masters’ of Human Resource Management graduates who do not have a strong foundation in business. On top of this foundation, the HOP career specialization consists of a rigorous course sequence.

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What are the requirements for an HOP Specialization?

The Specialization requires HOP students to take 10 HOP courses while the HOP concentration only requires 6 courses. For more details click here.