Kristen Bright

Position: Executive VP (partner)

Partner: Dylan Bright

Hometown: Louisville, KY

What I’m doing in Nashville: Working for Bridgestone Americas and spending time out doors with my energetic pup.

Favorite thing about OPA: The life-long friendships I’ve made and the opportunity to form a support system with all of the other partners going through the same thing!


Meg Huggard

Position: Executive VP (partner)

Partner: Joe Huggard

Hometown: Boston, MA

What I’m doing in Nashville: Working for Teach For America and exploring Nashville, one brewery at a time.

Favorite thing about OPA: Joe and I didn’t know anyone in Nashville before we moved here. It has been extremely comforting to have a whole group of people going through the same thing and for me in particular to have other partners to grab dinner with and hang out with when the students are puling long hours at school. I’ve never felt lonely here, and that’s thanks to the amazing friends we’ve made through OPA!

Cassanda Lawrence

Position: Student President

Partner: David Lawrence

Hometown: Green Brook, NJ

What I’m doing in Nashville: Attending Owen! My husband and I moved here from Chicago – he landed a job at a commercial real estate developer after graduating from business school and I started my MBA career at Owen. We like to say we’re on the ‘4-year plan’.

Favorite thing about OPA: David and I have really made Nashville our home and OPA has allowed us to build friendships and start our Nashville lives with a community. OPA is a great way to meet people who are in a similar stage of life and learning to navigate #OwenLife with their partner.