Upcoming 2017-2018 OPA Events

Below is a list of events that we have planned for OPA members. As always, all spouses, families and friends are welcome. If you have any suggestions please let Kristen, Meg or Cass know!

OPA Club Fair
Thursday, August 17

Come by the OPA booth at the Club Fair, which is also the first official Closing Bell of the year! Learn about what OPA will be up to this year and sign-up. Dues are $30 per couple.

OPA 2017-2018 Club Meeting
Tuesday, August 22

Our first inaugural club meeting for the year. Join us to discuss what we’ve got on the docket this year and bring your best suggestions for things you would like to do! We’ll have light snacks and drinks.

OPA Tailgate
Saturday, September 16

Come participate in the OPA-sponsored tailgate! We’re going to have a “dip-off” competition. Bring your best dip to be judged by all attending. Those not participating in the “dip-off” are encouraged to bring other food and wine.

Saturday, October 21

We’ll gather for a BBQ in the Owen courtyard (weather permitting). We’ll provide the meat and drinks – you bring the sides! We’ll have a sign-up circulating closer to the event.

OPA/Music Club Closing Bell
Friday, January 19

We’ll partner with the Music Club to host this week’s closing bell. It’s actually on a Friday this week, so partners can enjoy without having to leave early to get ready for work the next day! Come toast to the second week back at school with us.

Other possible events for discussion at the Club Meeting:

  • Hike at Beaman Park
  • Finance Club Joint Event
  • Picnic at Dragon Park
  • International Potluck
  • Sounds game
  • Happy Hours

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