Andres Riera

Q1: What is your name?

Andres Riera

Q2: Where did you work this summer?

Royal Caribbean Cruises

Q3: What was your position?

Project Management

Q4: Please briefly describe what you actually did this summer

I was supporting a project that was retrofitting the gas exhaust system of the entire fleet. Specifically, my project was in Supply Chain optimization.

Q5: What were some things you liked about your internship experience?

It gives you access to real-world experiences after spending one year learning theory. Its great to finally be able to connect that theory with practice. I loved the project that we were doing, because it seemed at times like something that was impossible to complete, but by constantly working on improving some processes, the finish line became clear.

Q6: What were some things you didn’t like?

I forgot about corporate politics. At moments, it felt that in order to actually execute a recommendation, you had to convince the entire organization. I am a very results-oriented person, and those politics are a roadblock to execution.

Q7: Did you have a large project that lasted the entire summer? If so, please describe it briefly

The project I was involved in is part of a program that was planned to be completed in four years. My specific project had several stages of execution. I was able to deliver the first of three stages, and design the implementation of the second two.