Lisa Clark

Q1: What is your name?

Lisa Clark

Q2: Where did you work this summer?

Vanderbilt Heart and Vascular Institute

Q3: What was your position?

Outpatient Strategy Intern

Q4: Please briefly describe what you actually did this summer

HOP work. Streamlined a pool of non-exempt candidates, created a data-driven hiring process, created a lean onboarding process including coworker and organizational socialization tactics, created a talent management feedback system, proposed employee engagement activities

Q5: What were some things you liked about your internship experience?

Owning my own project and having support around the work, attending executive meetings, having strong and thoughtful leadership

Q6: What were some things you didn’t like?

the bureaucracy of large academic hospital systems

Q7: Did you have a large project that lasted the entire summer? If so, please describe it briefly

Yes (see #4). I just completed training the managers across 23 clinics on my project and am helping them implement the plan during my 2nd year.