Matt Inbusch

Q1: What is your name?

Matt Inbusch

Q2: Where did you work this summer?

International Paper

Q3: What was your position?

Global Sourcing Sustainability Intern

Q4: Please briefly describe what you actually did this summer

Prepared resources and conducted research and analysis around IP’s global footprint (ie, social and environmental impact) through its sourcing practices. Provided strategic recommendations for sustainability integration across the company based on current company practices, peer benchmarking, and trends in the industry and across large corporations.

Q5: What were some things you liked about your internship experience?

Focused directly on my specific area of interest. Lots of freedom to expand on my core project and branch into other related areas. Lots of access to Director and VP level people.

Q6: What were some things you didn’t like?

My main project was not as challenging or stimulating as it could have been. But it allowed me to interact with many different kinds of people at the company, and I was able to move beyond it into more interesting work once I had a handle on it and demonstrated that I had the capacity to do so.

Q7: Did you have a large project that lasted the entire summer? If so, please describe it briefly

Creating a supplier sustainability handbook outlining IP’s values, expectations, and practices around sustainable sourcing, to be used with suppliers but also as an internal education tool and with other external stakeholders. It involved gathering input from all the sourcing units (think everything from wood fiber to energy for a mill to corporate services like IT and HR) as well as business Directors and the Sustainability team – and combining it into a user-friendly and substantive resource that will continue to evolve as needs and policies change.