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First Year Officers:  This fall we will be electing first year officers to support each of our Vice Presidents. First year students, we will make a call for platforms in Mod 1. If you have an interest in pursuing a career in technology and want to help others do the same, make sure to apply for a leadership position.

Club President: Ryan Shepherd


From: Nashville, TN

Summer Job: Integrated Marketing Development Internship, 3M

Fun Fact: In undergrad, Ryan minored in Medieval Studies and is currently a craft beer connoisseur.


VP of Operations: Divyanshu “DJ” Jain 


From: New Delhi, India

Summer Job: Operations Manager Intern (Pathways), Amazon.com

Fun Fact: Divyanshu can identify almost any airplane, accurate to the model, on the spot.


VP of Outreach and Alumni Relations: Caroline Guenther


From: Boston, MA

Summer Job: Primavera Capital Private Equity in Beijing, China and then Corporate Strategy Intern, Nike Corporation, Shanghai, China

Fun Fact: Caroline went to college in St. Andrews, Scotland where she got an awesome yellow lab named Goose who enjoys Owen events.


VP of Communications: Austin Tuell


From: Roanoke, VA

Summer Job: Summer Entrepreneurship Program, The Blackstone Group

Fun Fact: Austin once fell off of the Great Wall of China.


VP of Finance and Fundraising: Ellen Page


From: Memphis, TN

Summer Job: Senior Product Manager Intern, Amazon.com

Fun Fact: Though she didn’t actually star in Juno or Inception, Ellen really enjoys all the fan mail she receives for her masterful performance.

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