Executive Coaching for New Graduates

Did you enjoy executive coaching as a student? Wish you could meet with your coach again to help you navigate your first year on the job?

Good news!  You can.

We are excited to offer new Owen graduates across all degreed programs* the opportunity to extend their executive coaching experience beyond Owen and into their first year after graduation through the Accelerate Impact Offering.

Leverage this affordable offering to work with the same executive coach you had when you were a student.  We want this offering to reinforce Owen’s commitment to supporting your lifelong learning and development.

Are you interested and ready to work with your executive coach?

Purchase the Accelerate Impact Coaching Offering. If you need help with remembering your executive coach, then email alumni.ldp@vanderbilt.edu.



*Degreed programs include MBA, MAcc, MMark, MSF, EMBA, MMHC