Setting Goals for a Coaching Engagement

Before you begin confirm that you are ready for a coaching engagement. Consider taking our online readiness assessment.

If you are ready to commit to the process, consider a few ways you can prepare to get the most out of your experience. Any preparation you can do ahead of time may help make your coaching sessions more productive.

  1. Take inventory of where you are and what you would like to achieve.
    You may have a general direction or sense of your goals. Try to summarize them on paper. It is OK if the result feels muddled at this point. Your coach will help you continue to clarify what you are striving to achieve as you begin working together. Having some ideas on paper will help you and your coach begin to think about next steps.
  1. Try to imagine, with as much detail as possible, what it looks and feels like when you achieve your aims.
    Visualizing the outcome may be a powerful way to stay committed to your engagement.  It also may help your coach help you remember why you started down this road.
  1. Try also to summarize the problem or challenge you are trying to overcome – aim to write it down on paper.   Answering the following questions may be difficult at the outset — and may be worth exploring in your coaching engagement. Know that your coach will be ready to help you address them.
    • What needs to change or shift in order for you to reach the goals you set?
    • What do you believe might be hampering your progress?
    • What are your perceptions about the situation?
    • How do you currently see yourself contributing (both positively and negatively) to the situation?
  1. Study your calendar.
    Honestly calculate how much time you are willing to commit. Chances are you have already thought about this question at some level, but now is the time to establish the habit of formally putting time for coaching on your calendar. Set aside blocks of time not only for your sessions, but any “homework” time that might be valuable as you begin to work with your coach. Building reflection points into your routine will help you appreciate your progress as you work with your coach.
  1. Finally, relax and let it happen.
    Coaching is a journey, a process. Resolve ahead of time to be open to the experience.  Coaching may challenge you and exhilarate you in ways you cannot yet imagine. Enjoy the ride!