What is Leadership Development and Why Should You Care?

No matter where you are in your career — from individual contributor to a C-suite executive — you can develop and improve leadership skills. At Owen, we work to empower you with tools and skills to assess your strengths, weaknesses and effectiveness so that you can build on the talents you already have and improve in any areas necessary to achieve your goals.

Leadership development is a journey that spans your career. Far too often, we find ourselves letting our career journey run its own course, stopping only to examine our choices when we become unhappy, stuck, or dissatisfied. When that happens, do you view your situation as an opportunity or an obstacle?

If you look more towards opportunities, the questions on the right will jump-start your thinking and move you from a reactive to a more active approach to your career.

Owen Graduate School of Management OGSM Leadership Development Program (LDP) Photos of students in one-on-one and group leadership counseling sessions with the leadership coaches. (Daniel Dubois / Vanderbilt University)