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Resources for Owen Blog Owners

Welcome! In September of 2015 several Owen blogs were moved to a new server administered by University Web Communications

In the coming weeks we will post more information and resources for the owners of these sites but — in the meantime — please note the items below and refer to the directory on the right

Signing in to WordPress

To sign in to WordPress just click on the copyright symbol at the bottom of any page and enter you VUNet ID and password

Adding Users

If you need to add additional users to your site please submit a ticket to University Web Communications along with the VUNet ID of each user

Setting Your Display Name

Once your account is setup you can set a public display name (what visitors will see when they read your posts and pages) under your profile settings


Theme Options

Several options are available for your site under theme options

Theme Options

Please note that if you select the enhanced home page option that all home page content will have to be edited within the EHP tabs


You can embed a responsive (resizable) YouTube video on any page or post by using the following shortcode format in the body copy where xxxxxxxxxx equals the YouTube ID (found in the URL) of your video

[responsive-youtube id=xxxxxxxxxx]

Photo Galleries

For various reasons we have been moving away from using Picasa Web Albums for photo galleries — however — WordPress has its own gallery tool which is very easy to use and can be accessed from the Add Media button at the top of each visual editor


If you setup a gallery and would like it to have a lightbox effect please let us know so that we can activate our lightbox plugin for your site

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