General Tips

Website general recommendations:

  • Pictures, logos, graphs, etc. definitely enhance your pages.
  • Set yourself up for success and try to make your content “EVERGREEN” where possible.
  • Keep your calendar and event photos up to date, especially during the school year when prospective students  and recruiters will be on your site most.
  • Please keep the variety and importance[1] of your audience members in mind as you build your club’s site:  prospective students, current students, recruiters, faculty, staff, alumni, sponsors, etc. Your website can be a resources for your audiences, so include items/pages that may interest them.
  • Be creative. We provide guidelines and suggestions for the minimum requirements/basic pages of your website. You have the freedom to add more pages and content (within reason). If you are interested in things like picture sliders and promo widgets, talk to Suzannah Green about enhancements.

Links to know:

Last updated Thursday, March 13, 2014