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Why now?

Business is changing fast. We have to move forward with it—without compromising the distinctive qualities that have made a Vanderbilt business education distinctly valuable. And that requires thoughtful, far-sighted planning.

Just five years ago, nobody had heard of MOOCs. AirBnB and Über did not exist. Their rapid acceptance reflect the accelerating pace of change, how globalized business has become, and how thoroughly the web and social media are disrupting traditional businesses.

Students’ needs and interests—and even learning styles—are changing, too.

As a result, graduate business schools may need to revisit their offerings and strategies more frequently than they once did.

Meanwhile, we are maturing as a school, with a breadth and depth of excellence that are unprecedented in our history. We are also advantageously situated amid one of the world’s great universities. As we look ahead to our next decade, there has never been a better time to develop the strategic roadmap that will help us leverage the thought leadership of our faculty and the strengths of our university to create more powerful synergies, offer even more compelling value to students and recruiting companies, and magnify our impact on the world of business.

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