Back to School: 5 Tips for Getting the Most Out of Grad School

So you are returning to school. This time, you have the wisdom of full-time work experience to optimize your success in returning to school. Or, for those coming straight into one-year programs from undergrad, perhaps you have really fresh ideas of what worked and didn’t with regard to good study habits and outcomes. Here are […]

Clues Your Company Is the Right Fit

We all hope to accept a job feeling that the “cultural fit” is right.  I recently asked alumni, “Were you right? What made you realize your job was the right fit for you (NOT including salary, location or other factors unrelated to fit)?” Here is what they shared: “This is a tough thing to describe, […]

Backlash Against Globalization

Lessons from the Road: IMF Advisor Explains the Backlash Against Globalization Our recent Closing Bell in Washington, D.C., featured Prakash Loungani. An Advisor and Senior Budget Manager at the International Monetary Fund (IMF), Prakash also serves as Adjunct Faculty at Owen, teaching macroeconomics to our EMBA and Global EMBA-Americas students. He shared his perspectives on […]

Answers That Matter: 4 Musts for Interviews and Application Essays

Whether you are applying for a job, college or grad school, you will face targeted questions in interviews and application essays. Here are must do’s: Choose Their Perspective: Start by keeping your audience’s perspective and best interests in mind. “They” are shopping. You are in selling mode, so this is less about sharing what you […]

Don’t Wait on the Waitlist: Do Something

It’s a new year. You just discovered if you were on the Naughty or Nice List in December, and you are making a list of goals and resolutions for the year.  Maybe you just made it on another list: the dreaded Waitlist at your preferred B-School. Oh no! What can you do?  This isn’t all […]

Share of Wallet, ROI and Your B-School Goals

I wasn’t surprised when ITT (one of the largest for-profit educators) announced in September that it was closing down all its campuses. I’ve been scratching my head at the onslaught of schools advertising—very expensively– on television about how easy and flexible it is to get a degree. I kept wondering: these schools aren’t inexpensive, but […]


Are you covered by your cover letter?

I just read an article from Bloomberg that claimed just 18 percent of employers care about cover letters. Well I’ve received literally thousands of resumes and cover letters as a corporate recruiter, and let me tell you, they do matter. In each batch of applicant submissions, there was always one person’s cover letter that stood […]

Aspiring Business Leaders Reflect on Leaders Who Inspired Them

One of the big reasons that students enroll in our executive-level MBA programs is that they want to become better leaders. So on the first day of classes for students in the Executive MBA and Americas MBA for Executives programs at Vanderbilt, I thought it was so fitting that each student was tasked with reflecting […]

So You Think Your Company Is Up for Sale???

It’s hard to be a brand new hire—or even a seasoned employee–amid rumors that your company might be up for grabs. We get concerns from alumni and even new MBA  hires who are in this situation and wonder whether they should hit the panic button, hit the pavement with a new job search or both. […]