Clues Your Company Is the Right Fit

We all hope to accept a job feeling that the “cultural fit” is right.  I recently asked alumni, “Were you right? What made you realize your job was the right fit for you (NOT including salary, location or other factors unrelated to fit)?”

Here is what they shared:

  • “This is a tough thing to describe, but there were a few factors for me that made the culture feel like a fit. For one, I found myself very interested in the stories of everyone I met. There were a great deal of different backgrounds, and I could tell that people didn’t fit into a cookie-cutter path. At the same time, people were very interested in hearing my story, and seemed genuinely excited that I had done some not-so-typical things in the past. Second, I felt like one of the most common traits I observed was curiosity. People were constantly asking “why” and trying to get below the surface of problems. Continued learning and avoiding stagnation were very important to me, so a culture of curiosity was extremely appealing.” Nick G.
  • “For me, it was a feeling of authenticity across the organization. I appreciated that the mission of the company was consistently at the forefront of both the product and people. We had weekly team building events with different topics and themes – some social in nature, some educational, and others more of a knowledge share. Each member of the organization, no matter experience or level, was encouraged and expected to participate fully in these activities.” Caroline
  • “I found my people. I am driven hugely by personal interaction, and finding my place was all about finding the people I would want to work with, regardless of the client or work stream. I needed somewhere I could be myself and be valued for it. Also, I felt overwhelmed at first when I started my role but that’s what I signed up for—lots of mentors and subject experts, not just a few.” Imogen R

The last point is a good one. Fit can change if the one person at a company you value most leaves, so choosing a place where you see potential for many valuable relationships and mentors can ensure your feeling of fit has longevity.


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