Vanderbilt's MSF Program Offers Career Boost

There’s been a lot of talk recently about graduate management programs beyond the MBA, like Vanderbilt’s one-year Master of Finance. With the economy starting to stabilize — and the job market slowly easing — many recent college graduates find that this is a great time to enroll in programs that can help give them a career edge.

So I was happy to run across a GMAT Club forum that listed Vanderbilt’s MSF among the top programs as determined by the site When I clicked though to the actual site I was doubly happy to see a link to a recent article in Vanderbilt Business magazine describing how the MSF program can provide an important career boost, as told through the eyes of alumni. It also does a nice job explaining the differences between the MSF and MBA degrees.

I found that post on the heels of a new report issued on Tuesday by the Graduate Management Admissions Council (GMAC) showing that 92% of those who received a graduate business degree are now employed — six percentage points higher than the previous year. To me, it’s yet another indication of the value that employers put on graduate management education as a whole — not just the MBA, but one-year programs like MSF and Master of Accountancy as well.

As I wrote last year, the “B-School differential” appears to be roughly $20,000-$40,000. Whether you are looking at one-year specialty programs designed for young professionals, an MBA, or Executive MBA, business degrees pay solid dividends.

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