Bob Shi, MAcc’14

From the Spring 2016 edition of Vanderbilt Business

The value of tech When a well-known technology company purchases a hot new startup, it makes news. But long before that announcement, accountants have spent hours behind the scenes evaluating the value of the company and its assets. While valuation … Continued

Lead and Succeed

From the Summer 2014 edition of Vanderbilt Business

Already, Owen’s one-year master’s program graduates are demonstrating that they have the skills needed to make a difference in the workplace.

Taking Off

From the Fall 2012 edition of Vanderbilt Business

After graduating with a bachelor’s degree in engineering and economics in 2011, Tim Maloney decided to stay at Vanderbilt for one more year. Having a master’s in finance, he believed, would be an important differentiator in a difficult job market.