It all comes down to the four P’s

From the Summer 2017 edition of Vanderbilt Business

Nasdaq CEO Adena Friedman, MBA’93, uses her finely honed product management experience to keep the company competitive in a rapidly changing industry If anyone doubts the value of a business degree, look no further than Nasdaq CEO Adena Testa Friedman. … Continued

Owen’s origins

From the Summer 2017 edition of Vanderbilt Business

The idea of establishing a business school at Vanderbilt was first broached in the late 1800s. Decades later, a dauntless group of university trustees took up the mantle to get the school approved. Owen’s story includes a Carnegie report, a … Continued

The ties that bind

From the Winter 2017 edition of Vanderbilt Business

As the inaugural member of a new corporate partnership program at Owen, Cardinal Health’s relationship with the school has moved beyond year-to-year hiring Just over a decade ago, when Jeff Greer, BA’94, MBA’00, decided to leave the world of management … Continued

Three Pillars

From the Summer 2014 edition of Vanderbilt Business

Great minds, stretching from Aristotle to Steve Jobs, have come up with a variety of different ways to define the essence of leadership. How does Vanderbilt set about teaching leadership, a topic that has so many different meanings for so many different people? It comes down to three important pillars.

Intellectual Capital

From the Summer 2014 edition of Vanderbilt Business

Why does a business school professor study poverty? Why would a retailer allow one manufacturer to determine shelf space and even pricing for an entire category of product–even that of competitors? Two professors share about their research interests.

Not So Safe

From the Spring 2013 edition of Vanderbilt Business

New research from Nicolas Bollen, the E. Bronson Ingram Professor of Finance, says those hedge funds that are hardest to imitate—something investors look for and for which they often pay a premium—are the ones most prone to failure.