Happy Travels, Tricia

From the Spring 2013 edition of Vanderbilt Business

Tricia Siegfried, EMBA’83, retired at the end of 2012 after 17 years as Owen’s chief financial officer. “With an overriding passion for this school’s success over the years, she has time and again proven her dedication to Owen,” said Dean … Continued

Child By Child

From the Fall 2012 edition of Vanderbilt Business

Jim Steele, MBA’82, knows what it’s like to be up against tough odds. Eight years ago he was diagnosed with Charcot-Marie-Tooth disease and spinocerebellar ataxia, both genetic neuromuscular conditions that have since left him disabled. “I have partial symptoms of … Continued

The Sweet Spot

From the Spring 2012 edition of Vanderbilt Business

Sheru Chowdhry, MBA’00, laughs about his earliest experience living in New York City. His first apartment was in Times Square, and there was little respite from the noise and lights. “It’s a wonder that I didn’t end up half-deaf and … Continued

Budapest Rendezvous

This summer Peter Veruki, Owen’s Director of Corporate Relations, traveled to Budapest, Hungary, with his wife, alumna Judy Spinella, EMBA’93, Vice President and Project Leader at B.E. Smith. While there, they met up with several local Owen alumni at a … Continued

Lifelong Learner

From the Fall 2011 edition of Vanderbilt Business

Frank Bumstead, MBM’72, admits he really didn’t know what to expect when he enrolled in Vanderbilt’s Graduate School of Management in 1970, soon after finishing a tour in Vietnam as a mine warfare officer. The school, which had yet to … Continued

The Owen Network in Action

From the Fall 2011 edition of Vanderbilt Business

This past spring Rachel V. Rose, MBA’05, Assistant General Counsel and Director of Business Development for BCE Healthcare Advisors, was given the task of developing a new website for her company. Unsure of where to send the requests for proposal, … Continued

CityOwen Recap

From the Fall 2011 edition of Vanderbilt Business

The CityOwen program is led by alumni around the country and provides value through networking opportunities, updates on the school and featured faculty or staff presentations. The program also helps strengthen the relationship between Owen and local communities in areas … Continued

Home on the Range

From the Spring 2011 edition of Vanderbilt Business

There was no single “aha” moment that convinced Kim Parlett, MBA’04, to leave her job at a marketing firm and embrace a more rustic way of life. Rather, she says, it was a series of realizations during a 2009 horse-packing … Continued

Street Smarts

From the Spring 2011 edition of Vanderbilt Business

A new mobile application called SmartFuel allows drivers to search for live gas prices along any route in the United States, find the cheapest price and save an average of $5 with every fill-up. SmartFuel provides this information by gathering … Continued