Kudos to Our International Alumni

From the Spring 2010 edition of Vanderbilt Business

From Peru to Turkey to India, Owen alumni around the world supported the Admissions team’s efforts at more than 80 B-school fairs this past fall. These alumni have played an important role in rallying support from other Owen graduates, relaying market-specific information that might improve recruiting strategy, hosting applicant gatherings, and, at times, representing the program at fairs without the presence of an admissions officer. The Admissions team would like to thank the following alumni for their participation and support.

Yasuhiro Arao (left), Shigeru Aono, Satoshi Watanabe and Tatsuya Otsubo
Yasuhiro Arao (left), Shigeru Aono, Satoshi Watanabe and Tatsuya Otsubo


Xiyuan (Cici) Chen, MSF’09
Cong (Lincoln) Lin, MBA’09
Jin Wang, MSF’08
Yuhuan Wang, MSF’08
Haibo Zhang, MBA’08
Fan Zheng, MSF’08


Alban Cambournac, EMBA’07
Arvind Chandran, MBA’08
Alok Goyal, MBA’97
Ajay Gupta, MBA’03
Gunish Jain, MBA’98
Siddartha Ladha, MBA’97
Ameet Mangat, MBA’01
Manish Mudgal, MBA’03


Shigeru Aono, MBA’05
Yasuhiro Arao, MBA’09
Masanori Morimoto, MBA’07
Kazuaki Osumi, MBA’05
Tatsuya Otsubo, MBA’09
Satoshi Watanabe, MBA’07


Marlene Marengo Silva, MBA’08

South Korea

KyuSun Lee, MBA’07
Byunggon (Marvin) Park, MBA’07


Chiew Chang, MBA’92
Ying-Chih (Steve) Lin, MBA’07
Yi Pei (Amy) Lu, MBA’09


Dilek Zeren Ozler, MBA’95

If you would like to volunteer your time, please contact the Admissions office at admissions@owen.vanderbilt.edu.

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