The Board

President: Andree Smyth

From: Fairfax, VA

Summer Job: Assistant Brand Manager Intern, ALEVE at Bayer Consumer Care

Fun Fact: Andree has been to over 20 islands around the world. She loves traveling to tropical destinations to work on her tan and get content for her Snapchat.

Vice President of Career Development: Sam Levine

From: New York, NY/Boca Raton, FL

Summer Job: MBA Marketing Intern, Hanesbrands Inc

Fun fact: Last year Sam landed a coveted spot in the Guinness Book of World records for the size of her hair – it’s full of secrets.

Vice President of Communications: Olivia DePreter

From: New York, NY

Summer Job: Content Marketing Intern, Hulu

Fun Fact: Olivia’s idea of a perfect night? Eating pizza, playing with puppies and binge-watching TV.

Vice President of Finance: Ashley Newby

From: Kennesaw, GA

Summer Job: Strategy & Marketing Development Intern, 3M

Fun Fact: In her role prior to business school, she developed and implemented strategic marketing plans for key partners including Disney Destinations, Hertz, Marriott and Norwegian Cruise Line.

Vice President of Events: Elizabeth Treadwell

From: Canton, MI

Summer Job: Brand Management Intern, Mars Petcare

Fun Fact: Beth’s dog, Bogey, often attends Closing Bell. He’s a popular pup and even has his own Instagram!