Overcoming business startup blues? Ask – what would Disney do?

A question facing every organization returning to business is how do you make both customers and employees safe and comfortable? Masks, warning signs, and social distancing feel inconvenient to everyone and downright scary to some. At Vanderbilt, we are working through many of the same issues as we prepare to bring students back to campus. […]

Perspective is the first step to solving any business problem

Business problems can sap days’ worth of energy and result in more than a few sleepless nights. But Sarah Trahern, CEO of the Country Music Association, notes that it doesn’t have to be that way. In a recent interview at Vanderbilt Owen Graduate School of Management, Sarah listed four steps to consider in problem solving: […]

Resolve to stop confusing activity with progress

The holidays are a great time to reflect on your calendar. If you are like me, your calendar is packed with activity. I like being busy, and much of my action reflects a drive toward important goals. Cindy Kent, Executive Vice President & President of Brookdale Senior Living, cautions us to look closely at how […]

Four tips for successful change management

The only thing that is constant… is change. That pithy line rings true for nearly every seasoned leader I have encountered. Sometimes change is forced on us. Other times, it is chosen. Regardless, few leaders find it easy to navigate. Studies of major corporate transformations show miserable success rates. Even the simplest changes can undo teams […]

Mentors are useful. Sponsors and champions can do more for your career

I regularly hear from young professionals searching for mentors. They typically view that person as a wise leader with a big network who can help them transition into a new role or company. My advice is to look for more. Mentors are great and play an important role in any career. Everyone should have several […]

How do you recover from major setbacks?

Everyone faces rough patches in life. For Lynn Good, 2002 was a career-defining year. As a partner of the 89-year-old accounting giant Author Anderson LLP, her career couldn’t have been better. All of that changed on March 14, when the U.S. Justice Department unsealed an indictment of a single count of obstruction of justice related to […]

Don’t ignore the signals of change

The only thing that is certain is change. We all see change transforming our firms, community, and lives. Many of us eagerly embrace the opportunity and adventure of change. But when times are good, and we are enjoying a fruitful season, something inside of us often resists change. We allow our desire to stay in […]

Helping others become their best self

Periods of rapid growth create opportunities for leaders to foster leadership within their organizations. Over the past year, that has been the case for financial services – particularly those firms focused on mergers and acquisitions (M&A). With the U.S. economy approaching full employment, coupled with low interest rates and global economic growth, M&A activity has […]

Leaders pay it forward

Settling into the January routine, I can’t help but think about the new year and how I can improve. Many of my holiday aspirations include getting more exercise, learning about new tech trends, and taking parts of my game up a notch. As leaders, we might be thinking about how to bring bigger ideas to […]

Closing the Talent Gap

These are historic times. Last week, the U.S. employment rate weighed in at 4.1 percent — the lowest point in nearly 17 years. Tennessee’s statewide unemployment rate has been in record territory for the past few months, currently sitting at 3.0 percent, the lowest it has been since the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics began […]