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Safeguard your kids’ toys against hackers

Technology is having a huge impact on the toy industry. Today, many toys include some technology-enabled interactive element, from video displays to web-based connections that facilitate communities and other features. These new bells and whistles may excite children—and help toy retailers appeal to an increasingly tech-savvy generation—but they often come with many new IT security […]

Are you listening and learning?

Listening may be one of the most important habits of effective leaders. Much of the advice about listening focuses on eliminating distractions and quieting yourself. Certainly good listeners are not constantly interrupting or critiquing the speaker. But researchers are finding that the best listeners go beyond passively nodding or wrapping up the conversation with a summary of what […]

Hospitals Must Develop IT Security Plans To Avoid Target’s Fate

Planning is an important part of any successful business. But too often, managing IT security becomes an afterthought. Only after a security breach do managers scurry to shut the barn door. Target Corporation is one of the latest (and most extreme) examples. The retailer lost the confidence of millions of customers after revealing that hackers […]

How Far Does Prevention Go When Securing Health Care Data?

In most areas of health care the adage that “an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure” holds true. But for information security professionals in the field, the answer has not been so clear. Debate continues between two camps of researchers: one group maintains that it’s far more efficient to learn from the […]

David Owens

To Make the Most of Technology, Bake It Into the MBA Teaching Experience

Technology is disrupting higher education — for the good. In the past year, we have seen universities from Stanford to MIT offering free on-line courses to thousands of global students. At Vanderbilt’s Owen Graduate School of Management, Professor David Owens offered his popular innovation class earlier this year on Coursera to over 45,000 participants. Many […]

Heathcare and the Internet of Things

As part of our NSF-funded project on trustworthy healthcare IT, we recently hosted a workshop focused on mHealth. Certainly the internet of things is creating new opportunities for delivering care. For example, I recently finished a case study on a San Diego-based start-up, Sotera, that has developed a wireless harness that enables continuous, non-invasive monitoring […]

Advice from Google CFO Patrick Pichette

We recently hosted Google CFO Patrick Pichette. In his talk, he argued that we often shoot too low – looking for 10-15% improvement when we should be shooting for 10X. At Google, he focuses on game changing breakthroughs that could achieve a billion users. That thinking changes the discussion from merely worrying about the competition […]