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Career-stalling behaviors to avoid and the leadership challenges ahead

What are the career-stalling behaviors that might impede your ability to lead? I put that question to two human resource executives who recently visited Vanderbilt – International Paper’s Tom Plath and P&G’s Rich Postler. Both noted that with four generations in the current workforce, leadership is all the more challenging. Leaders need to meld together […]

Safeguard your kids’ toys against hackers

Technology is having a huge impact on the toy industry. Today, many toys include some technology-enabled interactive element, from video displays to web-based connections that facilitate communities and other features. These new bells and whistles may excite children—and help toy retailers appeal to an increasingly tech-savvy generation—but they often come with many new IT security […]

Are there limits to authenticity?

Authenticity may be one the most sought after attributes. Whether we are talking music or hamburgers, “authentic” conveys a notion of purity. In a day of synthetic experiences, authentic says no additives or substitutes – just the real thing. When applied to leadership, this definition sometimes gets confusing. On the one hand, authentic leaders are […]

Don’t wait to develop your network

The number one mistake I see new MBA students make is waiting to develop their networks. Top B-schools offer an amazing (and sometime overwhelming) set of opportunities to network. Students should never miss a chance to share coffee or a lunch with a visiting executive. Even after a long day, stopping by for a reception […]

Leading Through Influence

How do you lead when you are not in charge? Increasingly, managers are finding themselves in positions where they are asked to lead without having direct control. Growing and shifting organizations often mean fewer managers with positional power. Matrixed organizations put managers in multiple leadership and followership roles. Major corporate initiatives like quality, security, diversity, […]

Do you study people?

Many firms nurture corporate cultures through careful hiring practices. For startups and young growing firms, these practices represent a one-time opportunity to start with a clean slate and build a culture. For example, Google screens for “Googliness” – defined as “a mashup of passion and drive that’s hard to define but easy to spot.” Zappos […]

Making prepaid cards better for everyone

The Senate was set to vote recently on legislation to contravene regulations promulgated by the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) to provide more protections and legitimacy to the prepaid card industry. Now, the legislation will not come to a full vote after the CFPB announced it would delay the regulations by six months. This six-month […]

Are you encouraging change?

Let’s face it – every business, to some degree, struggles with being trapped in yesterday. It’s so easy to focus on the rear-view mirror and stop changing. Successful organizations are particularly vulnerable to inertia. Success makes failure all the more difficult. A lack of failure is a tell-tale sign of an organization that fears change. […]

Are effective managers also great leaders?

Organizations large and small thrive under good management. Effective managers bring order to chaos and drive results. They coordinate the work of others and ensure that projects complete on time and within budget. But are effective managers also great leaders? Or, more fundamentally, is there a difference between management and leadership? This question echoes in […]

Engaged Leadership

As with most industries, technology has dramatically changed the way the military operates. From transportation to communication, the Armed Services have adopted new technologies and adapted to new threats. The rapidly evolving landscape of terrorism and cyber-attacks are bringing even more challenges. To rise to those challenges, the military is looking outside of itself, to see the future […]