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Owen Hustles into Summer Excitement

Summer has its own rhythm at Owen, but it is anything but slow. While the building falls quiet for a few days, it is not for long. Students of all ages take up residence, participating in programs that run from a few days to a few weeks. The centerpiece of summer activity at Owen is […]

Getting Personal with Big Data

The last two weeks have been a Big Data fest for the Center.  Last week our Tech@Tuck  conference brought executives to Tuck to discuss how big data was changing big brands.   This week our CIO Roundtable on Digital Strategies gathered in Phoenix to explore how big data should be fostered in managed.   We heard many […]

Big Data in a Small New Hampshire Town

In the digital age, we are all beginning to understand that privacy is little more than a warm, fuzzy 1950s ideal. We now live in a world of Big Data, where bits and pieces of personal information can be combined from many sources to form a detailed picture of our preferences, buying habits and behavior. […]

Data-driven Cement

When I think of cement, I don’t think about complex data analytics. This week at our Roundtable in Zurich, I realized how analytics have become part of every business. Our tour of Holcim’s cement facility became a vivid example for the Roundtable discussion. Cement production uses an extremely high-temperature (2000C) process to transform raw minerals […]

Lunch with Mike LaJoie (CTO, Time Warner Cable)

Today I hosted Mike LaJoie (CTO, Time Warner Cable) for one of our CDS Tech lunches. Mike showed off TWC’s cool new ipad app that lets cable users watch their favorite shows anywhere in their home. Released two weeks ago, the app has been a huge hit with over 300,000 downloads this month and has […]