Media Mentions

The Wall Street Journal May 4: Thirty years after the launch of the HP 12c, it’s still common to find the calculator in heavy use among financial analysts. Alumnus James Granberry, MBA’11, a Partner with Oak Point Properties, runs a Facebook fan page for the beloved calculator and is quoted.

From the Fall 2011 edition of Vanderbilt Business

The Wall Street Journal

May 4: Thirty years after the launch of the HP 12c, it’s still common to find the calculator in heavy use among financial analysts. Alumnus James Granberry, MBA’11, a Partner with Oak Point Properties, runs a Facebook fan page for the beloved calculator and is quoted. Full story

May 23: Craig Lewis, the Madison S. Wigginton Professor of Management in Finance, has been named the Securities and Exchange Commission’s Chief Economist and its Director of the Division of Risk, Strategy and Financial Innovation (Risk Fin). Full story

June 6: Alumna Susan Strayer, MBA’07, Senior Director, Global Employer Brand and Marketing at Marriott International, is featured prominently in this article about the challenge of attracting newcomers to around 50,000 hotel positions this year. Many of the positions are in emerging markets such as India and China, which don’t have strong traditions in the hospitality industry. Full story

The New York Times

May 31: A social enterprise called Lumni has raised $17 million to finance the education of a wide array of students in Chile, Colombia, Mexico and the U.S. in the same way startups are financed. Lumni, co-founded by Miguel Palacios, Assistant Professor of Finance, offers “human capital contracts” to people like Jairo Sneider, who grew up in a low-income, single-parent family in Colombia. Full story

Bloomberg Businessweek

May 6: Seeking an edge in the job market, Chinese women are flocking to U.S. B-schools—enough to boost female enrollment overall. John Roeder, Owen’s Director of Admissions, is quoted. Full story

May 25: Kent Thiry, Chairman and CEO of DaVita, a leading provider of kidney care in the U.S., is pictured speaking to the Owen School’s Class of 2011 during Commencement. Full story

Aug. 8: Larry Van Horn, Associate Professor of Management and Executive Director of Health Affairs at Owen, says it’s mathematically impossible to keep up with the ever-growing costs of Medicare and Medicaid. He says he would tax the health insurance that companies provide to employees, which he estimates could bring in $2.5 trillion over the next 10 years. Full story


July 25: Owen’s Leadership Development Program, which partners with both Hogan Assessments and Korn/Ferry International, is mentioned as having some of the most innovative offerings of any business school. Full story

Sept. 26: Bruce Cooil, the Dean Samuel B. and Evelyn R. Richmond Professor of Management, is interviewed about an article he co-wrote, “Customer Loyalty Isn’t Enough. Grow Your Share of Wallet,” which appeared in the October 2011 issue of the Harvard Business Review. One of the article’s other co-authors is alumnus Timothy Keiningham, MBA’89, Global Chief Strategy Officer and Executive Vice President at Ipsos Loyalty. Full story


Sept. 14: Facing a tough job market, underemployed graduates of professional schools have begun to speak up, some even suing their former institutions, claiming they were duped into acquiring massive debt loads based on the promise of a secure, six-figure-salary job. That promise is particularly critical at business schools, where graduates expect a quick financial payoff as well as an education. Read McNamara, MA’76, Executive Director of the Career Management Center, and Emily Anderson, Senior Associate Director of the Career Management Center and Co-chair of the MBA Career Services Council, are quoted. Full story


Aug. 15: If being invested in a wildly unpredictable stock market worries you, you’re definitely not alone. In fact, there’s an index to measure that nervousness, and even trade on it. It’s called the Market Volatility Index, or VIX, but it also goes by another name: the fear gauge. Bob Whaley, the Valere Blair Potter Professor of Management in Finance and creator of the VIX, is quoted. Full story


June 10: Alumnus Rob Morgan, BS’83, MBA’84, Chief Investment Strategist at Fulcrum Securities, was a guest panelist on The Call, a Wall Street news program co-hosted by Larry Kudlow and Melissa Francis. Watch video


June 1: Fixed income trading revenue is falling, and some of the best minds on Wall Street disagree on whether this is temporary weakness or slow death. Hans Stoll, the Anne Marie and Thomas B. Walker Jr. Professor of Finance, is quoted. Full story

Associated Press

June 24: Nashville Mayor Karl Dean, JD’81, wants to capitalize on the city’s recent momentum with the Nashville Music Council, a 60-member group that draws together the music community, city leaders and business interests to find ways to leverage Nashville’s unique position as an all-purpose hub that’s home to more than just country music. The music council recently partnered with the Nashville Entrepreneur Center, a tech business incubator run by Michael Burcham, Lecturer of Entrepreneurship. Full story


May 5: To make the best business decisions, your prefrontal cortex—the “executive” part of the brain—must be coaxed into action. Dick Daft, the Brownlee O. Currey Jr. Professor of Management, who says that the average person spends only about 2 to 10 percent of each day using the prefrontal cortex, offers several suggestions for harnessing the right frame of mind to make money and improve productivity. Full story

The Dallas Morning News

Aug. 19: Associate Professor of Management Ranga Ramanujam, whose research focuses on the organizational causes and consequences of operational failures in high-risk work settings, is interviewed about the prevalence of safety problems at Dallas’ Parkland Memorial Hospital. Full story

June 9: AT&T wants to shift more than half of its expenditures to suppliers that track their carbon footprints and save $40 million a year by reducing energy use. The telecommunications giant revealed these and other new goals today with the release of its 2010 Sustainability Report, which was prepared using feedback the company received from students at the Owen School. Full story

Nashville Business Journal

Aug. 2: Among leadership changes including a new CEO, Cracker Barrel has appointed Jim Bradford, Dean of the Owen School, to the company’s board. Full story

The Tennessean

July 13: From January to March of this year, more than 1,800 medical, health and dental offers were published on daily deal sites in the U.S. When the deals are offered, they sell like half-price hotcakes, but some consumer experts and physicians don’t think it’s a good idea. Mark Ratchford, Assistant Professor of Marketing, is quoted.