Why Owen for Strategy Managers? Meet Bruno Evangelista

Bruno Evangelista, MBAName: Bruno Evangelista
Track: EMBA Global Immersion
Graduation Year: 2015
Company: Schneider Electric
Title: Strategic Manager


What convinced you that you could or should do the Vanderbilt EMBA Global Immersion track?
I work for a company that heavily believes in the Vanderbilt MBA. Many colleagues and leaders of the organizations I directly work in went through the program. The majority chose the Americas track. As I sat in conversations and worked in projects with them, I saw the impact of the MBA first hand. The level of business understanding was clear, the respect they received for their educated opinions was also flagrant, and most of all, the support and feedback they provided was very encouraging. This created a vision for me which I saw I could achieve. Now that I have graduated, I can assure that even though the vision was clear, the rewards were more than I imagined.

An equally important factor was the partnership and support of my wife Silvia and my best friend Enderson, who both also decided to do the program. We saw the program as a journey we would never forget and that would be enriching in many ways to our relationships while achieving professional goals.

What advice would you give to someone considering Vanderbilt’s Global Immersion track?

Focus on your classmates! You will need them! You will need them a lot! But, the main benefit is that they are people you will not only have to work with, and spend weekends with, and eventually travel with, but they will be your friends, and part of your professional network. The greatest benefit of the Global Immersion track is that you will double your network because you will have two classes of great professionals.

How has your career been enhanced as a result of your Vanderbilt Executive MBA experience?

The level of respect that the program carried to my work has been incredible. I was promoted twice since graduating, and placed on succession plans for high positions within the organization. Same thing has happened to my wife. I cannot express how dramatic these changes were and how clear it was that it was due to the MBA.

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