Why Owen for Healthcare Administrators? Meet Jonathan Connor

Jonathan Connor

Name: Jonathan Connor

Program: Executive MBA

Graduation Year: 2014

Company: HCA / Sarah Cannon

Title: AVP, Strategy and Development



What convinced you that you could or should do the Vanderbilt Executive MBA program?

Several fellow coworkers and colleagues who had completed both the Executive MBA and MBA programs at Vanderbilt convinced me I should enroll in the program. I highly recommend talking with several individuals who have completed the program – perhaps both MBA and Executive MBA. Additionally, my employer was clear I needed a post-graduate degree to continue progressing in my career.

What was the greatest hurdle you overcame to start or finish the Executive MBA Program?
The biggest hurdle was getting comfortable with the commitment and balancing work demands. It is important to establish a group of like-minded individuals during the first semester – those who have similar family, work and / or career situations and goals. It is also important to communicate to your workplace executive team the importance and value of getting an MBA from Vanderbilt. Periodic lenience goes a long way during tough stretches of class and assignments.

What advice would you give to someone considering Vanderbilt’s Executive MBA program?
Determine what you truly want to get out of the program and talk to alumni and the admissions team about specific classes, opportunities or subjects and their focus throughout the program. It is a condensed version of an MBA, but you can make the most of the topics you are most interested in or need the most guidance.

How has your approach to business changed as a result of being part of the Executive MBA program?
I became more thoughtful and addressed issues with a broader view rather than look for a short term solution. Additionally, recognizing the value of team input has been instrumental in transitioning into a new role with more responsibilities. The C-team approach throughout the program forces you to trust each other, encourage the best product from each individual and ultimately make decisions based on the valued input of each member of the group. This skill set has been invaluable to my approach post graduation.

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