Academy Workshop

Vanderbilt Business Communication Academy (Mods 2 – 4)

Vanderbilt Business Communication Academy workshops will primarily focus on the importance of clear, concise, complete, and compelling writing to a successful business career.  The workshops will be offered multiple times during Mods 2, 3, and 4.

First-year MBA students will be required to complete 5 workshops in Year 1. Students will be required to take an introductory workshop that covers business writing essentials. Students will choose the other four workshops, opting for those most relevant to their individual career and writing development. 

First-year MBA students will be given registration priority, before the workshops are opened to second-year MBA students, MSF students, and MAcc students. After the 5 required workshops are completed, first-year MBA students may take additional workshops.

Once your complete the Academy, add it to your resume and LinkedIn profile.