Writing LabThe 4 C’s of business writing are to be clear, concise, complete, and compelling.

Focus on the following when you write:

Think before you write. As executives, great writing begins with critical thinking. Who are your primary and secondary audiences? What communication medium works best? What strategic approach should you take to be persuasive?

Format cleanly. Having a clean, written format is important in business. Every company will have their own format and following it skillfully will help you succeed. You want to have a consistent and professional format, design, and layout for all your business documents. This is your communication signature.

Offer essential content. You will learn to write your message to a length and format. What content is essential? What can be deleted?  Keep it simple and concise.

Use mechanics correctly. At Owen, you will discover any bad writing habits, break them, and instill good ones. Pay attention to spelling, punctuation, subject/verb usage, and spacing. Everything matters. Everything you write says something about you.

Choose a persuasive tone. In writing, you don’t have persuasive power of voice, tone and body language. You must choose words that convey the desired tone and body language to motivate your reader.

The writing rubric below will be used in your Owen classes to evaluate your written assignments.

Owen Writing Rubric