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Leadership Notes

Leadership Notes is a blog and video series on leadership.  Through interviews with leaders from both the private and public sector, Johnson examines key leadership issues like empowerment, team development, and cultural dexterity.  The blog also addresses topics such as learning from failure, the importance of friendship, and the role leaders play in developing organizational […]

B-School Rankings Offer Useful Data, But Not the Whole Story

We live in a data-rich era. Facebook can say more about someone’s personality based on their likes than many trained psychologists can. Target’s data-mining software famously predicted a teenager’s pregnancy by detecting a shift in her buying habits. And the company Palantir, one of Silicon Valley’s most talked about startups, has used data linkages to […]

‘Profound Shifts’ Require a New Strategic Roadmap for Owen

It has become almost cliché to point out that the world of business — and business education — moves fast. But over the past several years, we have witnessed several rapidly developing, profound shifts that I believe will have a lasting impact on Owen’s future, as well as on the larger universe of management education. […]

The SEC Scores Big With B-School Collaborations

This afternoon at 5 p.m. Central Time, the SEC Television Network will light up cable wires throughout the country with live sports, news, and commentary. The much-anticipated launch will reach an unprecedented 91 million households! The network, in partnership with ESPN, will give sports fans 24/7 access to their favorite games and generate nearly $1 […]

Owen’s Leadership Network Comes of Age

With Owen sitting in the heart of Vanderbilt’s main campus, nestled among buildings that were constructed in the 1870s, it’s easy to forget that on an academic timeline, we are a young school. Owen, founded nearly 100 years after Vanderbilt itself, for much of its history has been the sapling surrounded by mighty oaks. But, […]

Owen’s Impact Lasts a Lifetime

May has been a month of exciting celebrations. Commencement is always one of my favorite events as we launch a new class into the business world to go do great things. We were lucky to have Eric Noll (MBA ’90) as this year’s speaker, made all the more meaningful by getting to see his daughter […]

Latin Fever Hits Owen

If you happened to be around Owen this spring, you would have been forgiven for thinking you’d just landed in some exotic Latin American locale. In late March, accents of Portuguese, Spanish and English breezed through the lobby as teams from top MBA programs around the country vied for top honors in Vanderbilt’s inaugural (and […]

See You At Closing Bell!

School traditions are a wonderfully funny thing. They come in all shapes and sizes, from rock painting and statue stealing to more somber rituals that are steeped in a long history. We graduate schools also have our own traditions. Vanderbilt Law School students gather each Friday afternoon for a social hour known as “Blackacre.” Owen […]

“All I Could Have Done, I Did Not Do”

The Owen School of Management was founded in 1969, at the end of a transformative decade in our country. The unstoppable reverberation of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.’s message of inclusion and non-discrimination was working through all levels of American society and within universities like Vanderbilt. Today, Dr. King’s legacy can still be felt throughout […]