Media Mentions

From the Fall 2012 edition of Vanderbilt Business


Bloomberg Businessweek

June 4: Every year around this time, a wave of anxiety ripples through most of the nation’s newly admitted business school students: How to depart a job without burning any bridges, and ideally, leaving a positive, lasting impression? Tami Fassinger, Chief Recruiting Officer, writes in this op-ed about how to resign gracefully.

July 13: The admissions interview is the business school’s opportunity to meet potential students face to face and go beyond the pages of their applications. For applicants, the interview is a chance to show their true colors. Consuela Knox, Senior Associate Director and Diversity Recruiting Manager of Admissions, offers tips to students about the interviewing process.

Sept. 25: The number of people taking the Graduate Management Admission Test (GMAT) is on the rise this year, bolstered by a surge of people trying to take the exam before the addition of a new section, as well as by growing interest in the business programs from students outside the United States. Dean Jim Bradford is quoted.

Christian Science Monitor

Aug. 13: Could “liking” something on Facebook get you fired? That’s what six sheriff’s deputies say happened to them after they liked the political opponent of their boss. A district judge ruled that Facebook likes aren’t protected speech, but the case is being appealed. Bruce Barry, the Brownlee O. Currey Jr. Professor of Management, is quoted.


Aug. 29: Many of Paulson and Co.’s investors stayed with the company last year even though its flagship hedge fund lost 35 percent. But with returns continuing to sag amid a rising equities market, some of those investors are now jumping ship. Nick Bollen, the E. Bronson Ingram Professor of Finance, is quoted.

Aug. 13: As the Olympics wind down, experts are awarding a gold medal in ambush marketing to Nike, which scored with bold commercials, smart PR moves and its distinctive, ubiquitous neon-yellow Volt shoes. Jennifer Escalas, Associate Professor of Marketing, is quoted.

USA Today

May 21: Facebook raised about $16 billion through its IPO, which gave the company a market value of $104 billion. But its lackluster public debut deflated the pre-IPO hype that had floated in the business press and on Wall Street for weeks. Bill Christie, the Frances Hampton Currey Professor of Finance, is quoted.

The Wall Street Journal

May 21: When the economy tanked four years ago, corporations reduced their presence at business schools. So, universities started reaching out to smaller employers—something they had never really done before. Owen alumna Julie Brink, MBA’11, went to a small consultancy firm in Nashville and is quoted.

July 12: Consumer-products companies are turning to new technology to overcome the biggest obstacle to learning what shoppers really think: what the shoppers say. To find out what really draws their test shoppers’ attention, companies are combining three-dimensional computer simulations of product designs and store layouts with eye-tracking technology. Steve Posavac, the E. Bronson Ingram Professor of Marketing, is quoted.