The Competition is open only to students who:

  • have earned a bachelor’s degree,
  • are enrolled full-time in a graduate program,
  • are in their first year
  • have not previously completed an MBA degree program
  • are age 18 or older (if the age of majority in their jurisdiction is different than 18, they must be at least 18 and of the age of majority in their jurisdiction).

Current and former principals or employees of HP are not eligible to participate in the Competition, nor are students at Vanderbilt Owen Graduate School of Management who are participating in the planning of the Competition (the “2020 Owen Case Competition Leadership Team”).

Yes, provided they meet the criteria stated in the “who is eligible to participate in the competition” question above.

The team composition requirements are the following:

  • Each team must have five graduate students:
    • All first year students
    • All students must have earned bachelor’s degrees and at least three students must be enrolled in a full-time MBA program
  • Former HP employees are NOT eligible to participate
  • Part-time students are NOT eligible to participate

Once a team has become a Selected Team, any replacement personnel for a Selected Team must submit an application in accordance with the substitution process (Team FAQ #6) in order to be included in the Competition on such Selected Team, unless expressly permitted by Sponsor through written approval. Without approval, a Selected Team may be disqualified at the Sponsor’s discretion if all five members of the Selected Team are not present for either or both presentations.

No. Each school may only submit one team application. If a school submits more than one team application, the team that submits the application first will be the team that is considered. Any additional applications submitted from that school will not be reviewed.

That’s great to hear!  Please send us an email letting us know your interest, and we will work with you to help put together a team.  Please note the team composition requirements outlined in the Team FAQ #3.

Teams were selected after review of individual and collective qualifications, and thus we discourage substitutions.  However, if a substitution cannot be avoided, each team is allowed to request one substitution, but the substitute must meet the eligibility criteria.  If you would like to request a substitution, please send an email to with the application information (below) for the substitute applicant.

2020 Human Capital Case Competition Application

The HCCC leadership team will review the application and will notify the team if the applicant is accepted to join the team. Please keep in mind the following timeline whenever requesting substitutions for your team:

  • Oct. 2: Applications due (by 11:59 PM ET)
  • Oct. 9: Teams announced and notified
  • Oct. 16: Case distributed to teams – at this point, teams may no longer submit a request for a substitute
  • Oct. 23: National MBA Human Capital Case Competition at Vanderbilt University’s Owen Graduate School of Management (Virtual)

Executive MBA programs are not considered “full-time” MBA programs by the National MBA Human Capital Case Competition, and thus, students enrolled in such programs cannot participate in the competition. For other questions on team make-up, please contact us.