The Journey and What You Can Do Along the Way

Try the Reflected Best Self Exercise. This exercise may be helpful with requesting feedback and observations from important individuals around you — colleagues, friends, customers, managers and even family members – and help you rediscover yourself at your best.

If you do not know or have difficulty articulating your leadership tendencies, you may want to explore and take the Hogan Assessment and debrief your results with an executive coach.

Define what success looks like for you. Think broadly – what does success look like in your career as well as in your personal life?

Success may be defined differently at various points of your career and life. So, reviewing your vision periodically enables you to stay true to yourself. If you are having difficulty articulating what success looks like the Transitions section on this website may be helpful.

Translate your experiences into lessons learned.

What did you like about each of the experiences? How does that translate to a lesson learned?

How have you built upon each experience? Are there any emerging patterns or themes which give insight into your strengths, weaknesses and effectiveness?

Take these questions and ask a trusted friend or family member to help you capture your learnings. You may even consider engaging with an executive coach from our Owen Coaching Network to do this.

Take the time to reflect after each significant experience.

Align your insights and learning with your vision of success. Much as you would do in running an organization, you need to align your strategy with your vision and mission.

Once you have aligned your skills, take a look at the Skills Development page to further strengthen or develop a particular skill area. You may also want to visit the Alumni Career Management pages.