Self-Awareness: Why Does it Matter and Why is it the Starting Point?

No matter how recently you were a student at Owen, the business world has evolved. It is complex, global and rapidly changing. Technology, in particular, has enabled us to communicate across the globe virtually and share information almost instantly.

If the business world has changed, has the way you lead and manage others evolved as well?  Perhaps you have been reacting and responding to situations and experiences but have not really taken the time to pause and think about your actions.  It is like driving to work. At first, you carefully pay attention – each turn, street names, exits, the buildings or structures along the way.  After a while, you pay less attention because your route has become routine. One day, however, road construction forces you to detour from your customary route. How do you react? Do you regard the detour as an adventure or a new challenge? Does it take you by surprise? Does the detour elevate that sense of uncertainty?  Similarly, at some point you are likely to encounter changes in your organization. How you respond to those changes is the difference between opportunity and obstacle. The more you know and are able to articulate your capabilities, the better able you will be to navigate the new environment.

If you are struggling to answer these questions, consider taking the Hogan Assessment and debrief with an executive coach to gain additional perspective on your personal leadership style – your natural tendencies and shortcomings and how they impact your contribution and personal success.

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