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When Your Job Search Stalls…

Conducting a job search is like a roller coaster ride – with highs, lows, and slow times. Here are several ideas of actions to take during the slow times: 6 Productive Things You Can do During a Job Search Slump published by the muse.

Surviving A Layoff

Authors of the Book, Money and Love, Myra Strober and Abby Davisson penned an article describing what to do if you have survived a layoff. Read their research-based tips to help you navigate your career in a time of uncertainty.    

Dread Networking? Start With These 10 Groups of People

Networking or Informational Interviewing can be daunting. This article suggests ten groups of people who most likely are easy asks. Start with friendly folks. 10 Types of People to Network With During Job Search  

Flex For Longer Careers

Laid Off or Afraid that You May Be?

There are things to do and not do immediately after you are laid off. It’s typically an emotional time filled with fear, sadness, anger and shame or in some cases, relief. Here are some Job Loss Information Tips and a helpful article for what to do if you laid off.

You Know You Need To – Refresh Your Network

Here are several ideas for outreach emails to send to your professional network. Take time to do this before you have to! WSJ’s The Five Emails You Need to Send Before New Year’s* to Boost Your Career *or after New Year’s

Embrace Those 2nd & 3rd Level Connections!

I’ve learned that MBAs love data – research and data make the case. So, here is the case for reaching out to and networking with second and third level connections. Check out the data in this article.

Why has my Job Search Stalled? Read this!

This article helps to analyze why you might not be making progress in your job search. And… it provides solutions at each stage of the process. Reach out if I can be of help:

About Those Cover Letters…

To craft and send a cover letter or not…  This topic comes up a lot. When you were a student, you probably sweated over drafting cover letters. Now that you are no longer a student, do you have to write a cover letter? In true MBA terms, it depends. Read this article before you decide.