Interview Questions by Job Function

Check out this new-ish tool on LinkedIn. We learned about it from an alum who was directed to the link to prepare for interviews. Sample answers for premium subscribers. Sample Interview Questions

Your Resume & Applicant Tracking Software

As you are applying for positions and completing online applications, your resume may be reviewed by a robot – or computer software that screens you in or out of the process. This article has some helpful resume writing tips on navigating these systems: Beat the Robots: How to Get Your Resume Past the System and […]

Add to Your Skill Set

Every so often, it is important to take an inventory of the skills needed in your profession. What are the skills you need in order to make a career pivot? Here are a couple of articles that list courses to add to your skill set: The Muse’s 14 Best Sites for Taking Online Classes Lifehack’s  […]

WSJ’s Tips on Landing a New Job During COVID

The employment landscape has changed since March 2020. Companies are still hiring but you’ll want to take these suggestions to heart – especially the piece on Networking. The New Rules for Landing a Job in the Covid Era by Kathryn Dill  

Are You Over 50 and in Job Search?

It is essential to illustrate a personal brand as a job seeker and particularly true if you are over 50. William Arruda in his Forbes post gives some great suggestions.  Personal Branding for People 50+  

Should You Use the New LinkedIn “#Open to Work” Feature?

Have you been seeing folks’ LinkedIn profile photos encircled with a green graphic that says “#Open to Work”? Are you tempted to use this feature? Before you do, check out Robert Hellmann‘s article, Job Seekers Be Careful Using LinkedIn’s New Open to Work Feature.    

LinkedIn: The Missing Manual UPDATES as of 7-12-2020

Here’s a summary of the new updates they cover in the beginning of the course: Want to take advantage of some of LinkedIn’s new features? Here’s how to… Demonstrate your progress inside a company Just add each of your titles (e.g., Investment Analyst, Investment Associate) as a separate entry in your Experience section So long […]

New Content from The LinkedIn Guys

The Top LinkedIn Tools to Navigate the Crisis With everything the world has thrown at us the past few months, we know it’s easy to feel like your career plans are out of your control. That’s why we teamed up with former LinkedIn staffers to put together a guide to regaining control with the most […]

Prepare What Will Be Seen in Your Job Search

What Will Be Seen Although creating an original personal brand is a top priority, it’s just as important to make sure that your brand comes across well on paper or online. Alumni Career Management has guidelines to help you to craft a compelling résumé and tips for writing an eye-catching cover letter. There are also […]

Starting a Job Search? Plan What You Will Communicate

Starting a Job Search? Plan What You Will Communicate Searching for a job may seem like a daunting process. However, with the right preparation, you can develop a strategy to make your voice stand out among the sea of candidates. Owen’s Alumni Career Management website has resources to help you communicate your personal brand effectively […]