I Want to Introduce You To…

Templates to help you introduce yourself on the spot: 5 Ways to Introduce Yourself Perfectly in 20 Words or Less by Rebecca Okamoto “Hey Rebecca, it’s great to meet you. David speaks really highly of you. Tell me about yourself. I’ll give you 20 minutes, and after that we’ll either do business together, or we’ll […]

What to Remove from Your Resume

Want your resume to “take off”? Then follow this advice and remove these things from your resume: 5 Things to Immediately Take Off Your Resume by Kristina Rudic Applying to jobs is without a doubt one of the most stressful parts of the job search process. Whether you’re coming straight out of college or deciding […]

Cover Letter Dont’s

Mr. and Ms. Job Seeker: You are going to call me, the Hiring Manager, to follow up per your letter that I probably didn’t read?? Think again! 3 Cover Letter Closing Lines That Make Hiring Managers Grimace (Plus: Better Options)   By Lily Zhang “Finish strong.” It’s a saying that you’ve probably heard before. However, […]

Cover Letter Do’s

That cursor won’t stop blinking on the blank white screen. Everyone, and we mean everyone, dislikes writing cover letters. This article has a template that may make writing that cover letter a bit easier. The Perfect Cover Letter Template to Show Off Your Skills By Lily Zhang When it comes to writing a cover letter, […]

Job Search Tips for Introverts

Socializing for introverts is not always a natural. The following tips will help you navigate through most social situations. Networking and Job Hunting for Introverts by Vault Careers If you’re introverted, then you already know how nerve-racking socializing can be. When you add to that the pressure of job hunting and networking, the entire situation […]

Use Emotional Intelligence to Build Your Career

How can emotional intelligence help you get that next promotion? It’s simple: Unequaled: Tips for Building a Successful Career Through Emotional Intelligence by Derek Loosvelt Jim Runde has worked for Morgan Stanley for 40 years, which makes him the longest-serving investment banker at a single Wall Street institution in history. In 1999, Runde earned fame […]

You Don’t Have to Like It – You Just Have to Do It

Author and Career Coach, Steve Dalton, was at Owen recently to teach students his proven process for job search. Some of the best job search and networking advice can be found in Steve’s book, The 2-Hour Job Search. Want to learn a framework for conducting an informational/networking meeting? As Steve says, you don’t have to […]

So… What Were You Making?

Do you ever dread answering the salary question? Here are some suggestions. How to Answer the Salary History Question Without Answering It by Kirsty Wareing There are several reasons why you might prefer not to provide salary history information during a job application process. Perhaps you’ve been underpaid, and are looking to get a significant […]

Do You Want To Be a Good Boss?

What makes someone a good boss? Assess your boss or yourself by reading this article. How to Tell if You Have a Good Boss By Alison Green It’s performance evaluation time in lots of workplaces this month, and you might be preparing for a meeting with your boss to talk about how well you’re performing. […]

Reach Your Goals in 2017

As the new year rolls in, we often think about the goals we wish to accomplish. What about taking small steps toward your goals over the course of the year? The 1% Rule That’ll Make Reaching Big Goals Feel Easy by Alyse Kalish It’d be pretty nice if you could snap your fingers and get […]