Cover Letters and Correspondence

A cover letter is an important element of your pitch to a potential hiring manager. The purpose is to build enough interest in you as a candidate that the reader will be motivated to turn to the resume for the details.

The cover letter is not a Reader’s Digest version of your professional life. It is a tactical and thoughtful presentation of the facts and evidence that support your claim that you can do this job. The hiring manager wants to be assured that you could walk in, sit down and get right to work. An effective cover letter is direct and specific.

Many online job postings give you the option of including a cover letter, and you are encouraged to attach one even when it is not required. Career switchers should always include a cover letter to show recruiters / hiring managers the link between their resume and long-term career goals. The reality is that not every recruiter or hiring manager may read your cover letter; however, you don’t want to be knocked out of consideration just because you didn’t include one with your application. Including a cover letter also gives you an opportunity to interject a personal side to your application.

Additional Correspondence