Resume and References

Your Resume

Your resume’s purpose is to spark enough interest to get an interview. Be certain that your resume:

  • Highlights your knowledge, skills, competencies and strengths that are relevant to the opportunity you are pursuing; in other words, your qualifications
  • Illustrates your VALUE to an organization
  • Summarizes your accomplishments
  • Emphasizes your career direction and objectives

Your goal should be to make your resume visually appealing, readable, compelling, concise and informative. Your resume needs to be edited to reflect your fit for the position. You can accomplish this by incorporating a summary section.

A guideline and number of samples are available for you to copy and download below.



Applicant Tracking Systems

New to Applicant Tracking Systems? Many companies utilize AI to screen resumes. This WSJ article and this The Muse article have helpful information.


References: A Strategic Approach
Your References can spread your message for you. Be strategic in your selection of References by following the steps in the attached worksheet.

References Worksheet and Sample