Owen Resources Can Help Support Your Career Transitions

Owen Resources Can Help Support Your Career Transitions The COVID-19 pandemic has fundamentally altered so many aspects of our lives, and for many, that includes careers. If your employment has been affected, or you think it may be in the future, Owen is here to help. Through the power of the Owen network and the […]

Career Guides to In-Demand COVID-19 Professions & Industries

As an Owen alum, you have access to the Vault Career Guides through the Walker Management Library. A recent article from Vault mentions the following professions that are growing during the COVID-19 Pandemic: Health Care Management Pharmaceuticals and Biotechnology Medical Equipment Manufacturing Internet Content Think about pivoting toward expanding industries by identifying your transferable skills, […]

Tweak Your Beliefs About Job Search

No one hires during the holidays…  My resume has to be only 1 page…  I will “hire” a recruiter to place me in a job… Do you believe these things about the job search? If so, this article is a must-read by a former Executive Recruiter: 7 Hiring Myths We Still Believe by Dawn Graham […]

Interviewing with a Start Up?

Have you been bit by the entrepreneur bug and want to work for a start-up?  We found a great article that provides excellent questions for you to ask when interviewing with companies at various start-ups stages. 4 Questions to Ask (And 4 Not to Ask) When Interviewing at a Startup By Dana Levin-Robinson A job […]

Career Advancement in the New Year

2019 is here and many if us take stock of the last 12 months and make plans for the next 12 months. Even though this post refers to the ‘holidays’, there are some wonderful suggestions to consider as you think about your career in 2019. 5 Ways to Boost Your Career This Holiday Season by […]

Job Search on Hold During The Holidays? A Big No No!

We’re hearing from many of you that “no one hires over the holidays” and “I’m not going to do any job searching in December – you know, because of the holidays.” Don’t believe the myth that companies are not interviewing and hiring over the holidays!  Here are some sound tips for job seeking during the […]

Interview Advice: Love Work & Land Job

A recent study states that recruiters want to hear interviewees talk about how much they love their work. Enthusiastically expressing your work in terms of intrinsic value has a greater influence on recruiters than most seekers realize. [Read more] To Land a Job, Say How Much You Love the Work by Alice G. Walton   […]

Plan for a Successful Transition to a New Position

Don’t be thrown off by the title of this article, How Can I Be Impressive When I Replaced a Workaholic?. This article provides some valuable tips and to do’s when transitioning to a new position: How Can I Be Impressive When I Replaced a Workaholic?