LinkedIn: The Missing Manual UPDATES as of 7-12-2020

Here’s a summary of the new updates they cover in the beginning of the course:

Want to take advantage of some of LinkedIn’s new features? Here’s how to…

Demonstrate your progress inside a company

  • Just add each of your titles (e.g., Investment Analyst, Investment Associate) as a separate entry in your Experience section
  • So long as you list the same employer for each, LinkedIn will take care of the rest

Search LinkedIn’s employee directory for any company

Let recruiters know you’re interested in a job at their company

Suggest a meet-up time and location when corresponding with LinkedIn contacts

  • Click the Messaging icon in the upper right-hand corner
  • Search for your desired contact
  • Click the “+” button and select Location or Availability

Prepare for interviews

  • Just follow these steps
  • Note: This feature has not rolled out widely so may not be available to you yet – stay tuned!

Get feed updates from your colleagues

  • Add your Teammates under the My Network section

Give kudos to your colleagues

Now onto the course!

PS: Want another advanced technique? Grab our free checklist to track your progress throughout the course.


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