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Should You Use the New LinkedIn “#Open to Work” Feature?

Have you been seeing folks’ LinkedIn profile photos encircled with a green graphic that says “#Open to Work”? Are you tempted to use this feature? Before you do, check out Robert Hellmann‘s article, Job Seekers Be Careful Using LinkedIn’s New Open to Work Feature.    

LinkedIn: The Missing Manual UPDATES as of 7-12-2020

Here’s a summary of the new updates they cover in the beginning of the course: Want to take advantage of some of LinkedIn’s new features? Here’s how to… Demonstrate your progress inside a company Just add each of your titles (e.g., Investment Analyst, Investment Associate) as a separate entry in your Experience section So long […]

New Content from The LinkedIn Guys

The Top LinkedIn Tools to Navigate the Crisis With everything the world has thrown at us the past few months, we know it’s easy to feel like your career plans are out of your control. That’s why we teamed up with former LinkedIn staffers to put together a guide to regaining control with the most […]

Employed? Do These Things Just in Case…

This is a great checklist of things that all of us (employed and unemployed) should do every so often. 8 Things to Do Now In Case You Lose Your Job  by Lisa Rangel | September 28, 2016 What if you walked into work tomorrow morning and your boss told you that you were fired, your position eliminated, […]

Use a Strategy When Asking for a LinkedIn Recommendation

3 Rules of LinkedIn Recommendations  by Vault Careers Unlike the “endorsements” feature on LinkedIn, the recommendations of you can illustrate your value to an organization. Be strategic in selecting and requesting a recommendation. Opinions vary about the effectiveness of LinkedIn endorsements, which easliy allow LinkedIn contacts to “promote” one another with the click of a mouse. […]

Finding Keywords

We keep reading about the use of keywords in your resume and your LinkedIn profile to illustrate your brand. Where can you find appropriate keywords? Joshua Waldman has some suggestions below: Top 5 Sources for Finding Keywords for Your Social Media Profile by Joshua Waldman I previously wrote about the death of the verb and […]

Manage LinkedIn’s Trickiest Pitfalls

In this article, Colin St. John interviews Donna Serdula, the author of LinkedIn Makeover. Donna gives some high-level tips on using LinkedIn and  answers the question of whether you need to purchase a premium account. How to Navigate the Professional Etiquette of LinkedIn Connections by Colin St. John I admit, I use LinkedIn. Well, sort […]

Update Your LinkedIn Profile in 30 Minutes

When you are preparing to launch your job search, don’t forget to update your LinkedIn profile. The article below suggests setting aside 30 minutes to update your profile. Be sure to read through the end of the article if you want to learn how to turn off your broadcast notifications. How to Get Your LinkedIn […]

Networking Online: Alternatives to LinkedIn Groups

We know that some seekers just don’t like or use LinkedIn yet still wish to network online. Here are a couple of options that may work for you. Superior Alternatives to LinkedIn Groups by Donna Svei While LinkedIn Groups still get the most attention for online, professional networking, there is a breaking revolution away from […]