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Embrace Those 2nd & 3rd Level Connections!

I’ve learned that MBAs love data – research and data make the case. So, here is the case for reaching out to and networking with second and third level connections. Check out the data in this article.

Why has my Job Search Stalled? Read this!

This article helps to analyze why you might not be making progress in your job search. And… it provides solutions at each stage of the process. Reach out if I can be of help:

About Those Cover Letters…

To craft and send a cover letter or not…  This topic comes up a lot. When you were a student, you probably sweated over drafting cover letters. Now that you are no longer a student, do you have to write a cover letter? In true MBA terms, it depends. Read this article before you decide.

Interview Questions by Job Function

Check out this new-ish tool on LinkedIn. We learned about it from an alum who was directed to the link to prepare for interviews. Sample answers for premium subscribers. Sample Interview Questions

Add to Your Skill Set

Every so often, it is important to take an inventory of the skills needed in your profession. What are the skills you need in order to make a career pivot? Here are a couple of articles that list courses to add to your skill set: The Muse’s 14 Best Sites for Taking Online Classes Lifehack’s  […]

Openings vs. Opportunities

Are you creating opportunities for yourself in your career and in your job search? Learn the difference between “openings” and “opportunities” and create more options for yourself in job search. Interview Openings? Or Interview Opportunities? by Susan Whitcomb More interviews mean more options. Too often, people in career transition pin all their hopes on just […]

Applicant Tracking Systems: Resume Tips

We’ve all heard about the resume reading robots that companies use to screen resumes. In the article below, Ross MacPherson, Founder of Career Quest, gives some valuable information on Applicant Tracking Systems. ATS Systems: 10 Things You Don’t Know We all know that ATS (Applicant Tracking Software) systems scan your MBAs’ resumes for keywords as […]